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With the current economic climate, there is no doubt that we are seeing many clients rationalising their workforce and unfortunately that can mean reducing numbers in a redundancy exercise. Whether it is a big, complex restructure or a small-scale reduction to improve efficiencies, there are some key rules to follow. And guess what – they don’t need to be complicated!

Redundancies aren’t always caused by a business struggling – they can be pre-emptive, can be due to new ways of working, other efficiencies or simply changes in the marketplace. But without doubt, redundancies are a difficult subject to broach. Come and join us for our next bite-sized webinar on how to get the redundancy process right, in 2 easy steps (we aren’t going to tell you that now of course!)

The benefits of getting the process spot on are countless – you don’t put a dent in the morale of those staff who remain, you deal with the process in the best way for any staff who will be dismissed (believe me, you can do it amicably and assist any dismissed staff!) and of course, you wont risk costly claims to the business (we could all do without that particular headache right now!)

Emma and Robyn will take you through their “fools guide to redundancies” and no, they are not calling anyone a fool! There are certain key stages that they follow when advising any clients and it provides a clear, easy to follow and methodical way of approaching redundancies at your business, as well as protecting you against any claims.

Will you be confuddled by the law – no, of course not! As Emma always says, you will leave with some little golden nuggets of useful information to expand your knowledge and equip you for any redundancy situations your business may face – not to mention the freebies (#spolieralert – they are particularly good this time!)

When:  Wednesday 15 March 2023 (previously advertised as 8 March 2023)

Time:  10am to 11am

Where:  Remote