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3 (cough), 2 (splutter), 1 (croak) ACTION!!

3 (cough), 2 (splutter), 1 (croak) ACTION!!

Hello, hello, hello – its Force of Nature here and this week it is my turn to take the reins of the weekly blog, and what a lot I have to update you on.  Of course, I am talking all things Precept craziness…. Over the past few weeks, the team and I have been working...
Precept’s Summer Video Series!  Episode 1

Precept’s Summer Video Series! Episode 1

You’re probably going to miss us over the summer right? Wrong! You can still get your Precept fix with our fabulous new Summer Video series. Each week we will bring you bite-size, digestable videos on some of the key areas of employment law you need to know...