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Mock Protected Conversation - 7 June 2023

Not only are family-friendly rights big news at the moment (have you seen our recent update on some transformations in this area? https://precepthr.com/transformations-to-family-friendly-rights-in-the-workplace/) they are actually vitally important year-round, 24-7.

There is a plethora of family friendly rights; from maternity leave and paternity to leave, adoption leave and shared parental leave, to more quirky rights such as time off for dependants and for anti-natal appointments.  These rights have developed over time as family demographics have changed and with the positive move towards a much more inclusive workplace.  Because of that they can baffle our brains!

Join us at Precept as we give you a run through of the key areas of family-friendly rights in the workplace including how to deal with pregnancy in the workplace and the key provisions that you need to be aware of. As always, our session will include practical tips and what to keep your eye on in terms of future changes.

Dealt with properly, these rights allow parents to remain productive members of their workplace and contribute towards a healthy work-life balance. This is absolutely key during what can often be a stressful and tricky (but exciting) period in somebody’s life.  Join us, and get it right!