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Gender identity in the workplace

Our next training session will be on 10 January 2024 at 10am and will be on gender identity in the workplace.

Education and awareness of gender identity issues in the workplace has never been more important. This is a fast developing area of employment law that is fraught with potential sensitivities and difficult balances to reach. Let Employment & HR law experts Precept guide you through giving all you need to know about how to handle gender identity issues in the workplace. From giving you a good grasp of the key terms in this area, looking at how to support trans and non-binary employees all the way through to how to balance the rights of trans and non-binary staff with those who hold “gender critical” beliefs, you should leave this session armed with all you need to know to be a proactive and inclusive employer.

Click here to book:  https://allevents.in/online/gender-identity-in-the-workplace/80008197996781