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Employment Tribunals

There is no sugar-coating receipt of an Employment Tribunal claim – it sucks!  However, what we can provide to you is a first-class Tribunal litigator to look after you.  The benefit of our service is that we cover all bases.  If you have a package with us, then chances are we will have helped you through the process that the claim arises from – so we are already ahead of the game because we know the background and details – so no paying for us to get up to speed with the facts.

Emma Tice is our Tribunal specialist.  She has been praised by numerous Tribunal Judges and Barristers for her “sensible” and “competent” approach, whilst being “technically first class.”

We have a top-class record when it comes to successfully defending tribunal claims – what is the key?  We believe it is our job to understand the technical elements of the law and position the case in legally the best way possible, leaving you free to focus on the factual details.

We can’t promise that we can do it all for you (that is impossible), but what we do have is an organised and methodical approach.  This means that there will be no nasty surprises for you (we all know how much Emma likes a plan!)  Our superior technical knowledge of the law and the tribunal process coupled with our no-nonsense and pragmatic approach means that you get the best of both worlds.  Top-quality legal representation, undertaken by a human who is usually as invested in your case as you are, and who won’t baffle you with technicalities.

Costings for Tribunal claims sit outside of our packages due to their technical nature.  However, if you already have a package with us, then we would be pleased to offer you reduced hourly rates.  You will be given a clearly set out quote for each stage of the process, depending on the claim you are facing, at the start of the process, and better still, you will be regularly updated!

You really won’t find a better team to have on your side in the Tribunal!

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