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As the Government gradually relax the Covid restrictions, employers are having to look at the future of the workplace. Will they continue with homeworking? Will they want people back in the workplace or will it be a hybrid of the two?

What does not seem in dispute is that having had this opportunity to work from home, employees now see this as part of the future. From what we have seen, working from home is likely to be as important a factor as salary. If you won’t offer it, someone else will.

Hybrid working seems like the most common option employers are going for. It gives employees the opportunity to work from home but also keeps the benefits of being in the workplace. If you are looking to implement hybrid working, ACAS have produced some helpful guidance on it and it’s well worth the read. You can find it at: https://www.acas.org.uk/acas-publishes-new-advice-on-hybrid-working.

If hybrid working is something you are considering and finding a challenge, then please get in touch at rob.tice@precepthr.com, we are happy to help.