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Second date added! Due to the success of our recent session, and by popular demand, we are running the event on Protected Conversations for a second time. It will take place on Tuesday 23rd February, 14:00-15:00.

Protected conversations are a way of being able to talk more openly with an employee about resolving issues or looking to terminate their employment. Anything said in the conversation cannot be referred to in an unfair dismissal claim.

This event will focus on how to have off the record conversations with employees.  They are often called ‘without prejudice’ or ‘protected conversations’.

Why would an employer want such a conversation?

Sometimes when an employer is dealing with a challenging situation with an employee, they are faced with lengthy processes or uncertain outcomes. Having a protected conversation gives the employer and employee the opportunity to discuss the situation more openly, resolve it more quickly and often with the employee giving up claims against the employer.

What will you learn at the event?

  • The legal framework surrounding protected conversations
  • The implications of having protected conversations
  • How practically they should be approached.

Date: Tuesday 23rd February 2021.

Timings. The event will start at 2pm and finish at 3pm

Location: Virtual – via Microsoft Teams (you can still access the event if you do not have Teams)

Who will be speaking at the event? Rob Tice will be your speaker. Rob has 20 years’ experience as an Employment Lawyer. He has spoken at numerous events including with ACAS and CIPD.

Who should attend? The event will be of benefit to people with HR responsibilities or business owners.

How do I book? Please visit:Precept.com/events

How much does it cost? The event is free