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Roll up, Roll up …. Get your tickets for the red-carpet premier of the Precept team’s appearance in Strictly Come Disciplinaries….

Sadly, there will be no dancing, but you can expect the usual Oscar winning and entertaining performances as we explore how to deal with disciplinaries properly.

Our next 2 events are very much linked, so book your places now to avoid disappointment.

13 September 2023

In our first session of the series, we will be giving you all the usual golden nuggets of information about how to deal with disciplinaries in the most effective and legally compliant way.  Between us we have way more experience with these than we would like to disclose, so come along and take advantage of that and get the low down of our top tips, common pitfalls and how to deal with difficult employees (ahem ….Emma Tice / Meredith Palmer)

What is more, whilst we hope that none of you will ever get to a Tribunal, we can tell you exactly what a Tribunal Judge will be looking for if you are unfortunate enough to face a claim.  This session will talk you through how to comply with the law, the Acas Code and best practice, in a practical way.  You may be experienced with disciplinaries, or you may be a newbie – we can promise you that you will leave the session with some value added to you and your business practices.

The result – you can polish your disciplinary processes up, so they really hit the mark, in Precept’s trademark refreshingly simple way.

11 October 2023

But it doesn’t end there!  We firmly believe we learn best through exposure, and it is never ideal to view a disciplinary process you are overseeing as a classroom.  Never fear, Precept can save the day AND fulfil their love for all things dramatic!

In this session, we will put everything we have talked you through into practice as we invite you to be flies on the wall of our Mock Disciplinary (hunt – it’s the return of the (not Mac) Meredith Palmer scenario).  We will show you how it can all go so very wrong with just a few mistakes in the process/approach. Then we will show you how to use those golden nuggets of information that we have shared with you in session 1, to command, control and generally “boss it” in any disciplinary meeting you may need to hold.

Whilst our Mock sessions are entertaining and a bit of fun, they also have a serious side because seeing a disciplinary unfold when you aren’t involved in it can be extremely informative and it will crystalise the earning from session 1.

Date: Wednesday 13 September 2023

Timings. The event will start at 10am and finish at 11am.

Date:  Wednesday 11 October 2023

Timing:  The event will start at 10am and finish at 11.30am

Location: Virtual – via Microsoft Teams (you can still access the event if you do not have Teams).

How do I book? To book your free place for 13 September 2023 please visit: CLICK HERE TO BOOK FOR 13 SEPTEMBER 2023

How do I book?  To book your free place for 11 October 2023 please visit: CLICK HERE TO BOOK FOR 11 OCTOBER 2023

Who should attend? The event will be of benefit to people with HR responsibilities or business owners.

How much does it cost? The event is free.