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Catherine has worked as an Executive Legal PA in large law firms nearly all of her working life and has worked with Rob for most of that time, and Emma a large proportion of it.

Catherine is a vital part of the Precept team (she is the real “boss”)

She supports our advisors with, well everything!  She assists us with our matters, manages our systems and processes and makes sure the business is supported. If we need anything, Catherine is the go-to person.  

Also, even more importantly, she supports our clients. She keeps them up to date with their matters and billing, so they know what time they are using and how much they are spending, all part of the first-class service Precept aims to give their clients.

In simple terms, Catherine is the glue that binds the Precept team.   

Away from work, Catherine is kept busy looking after and spending time with her two girls and two dogs.   

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